35 week ultrasound and bump Katie[ღ]Siℓas 17 kids; Grand Haven, Michigan 2071 posts
16th Nov '12

Got an ultrasound done today, which was scheduled because of my high blood sugar levels in the past 2 weeks. [damn GD.] anyways, I only got one picture and I happen to think it's pretty creepy haha. I'm posting 2 pics of the same ultrasound, because idk which one you can see the skull in better. My family doesn't see it at all and they just point at random lines and are like "That looks like an eye!!" and I'm like "..noo... that's not even part of his body wtf." I outlined it for them like a hundred times but I'm still the only one who sees that it is in fact his face lol. Anyway, here is the pics, and my 35 week 2 day bump as well :D Enjoy. [I turned them sideways because that's the easiest way to tell it's a skull.]


_The Rainmaker_ 2 kids; Houston, Texas 1062 posts
16th Nov '12

I can't see the baby!! It looks like a frog. Wth... I'm not calling your baby a frog but I cannot see the darn picture