tmi! my discharge is carrying a odor Laurena Boso Due January 17; Japan 3 posts
16th Nov '12

Okay, I have the white globby discharge which I guess is normal but the past week it has had a strong odor. I just recently had my baby shower and I could smell myself and I was afraid others could too! I know it is not no std but I'm clueless on what to do about these odors.. it has gotten a little less "stinky" but is still there. Help me pleease!!

MissNewMommaღ 1 child; Oak Hill, West Virginia 116 posts
16th Nov '12

Id talk to my dr about that I alway heard having an odor could be a UTI or some kind of infection?
Its always best to be safe than sorry.

Laurena Boso Due January 17; Japan 3 posts
16th Nov '12

I told my ob that I thought I had a possible UTI or yeast infection and she never gave me a reply on that if I did or not.. a little before that doctors visit I was intimate with my partner and he got sore on his testicles, I also got a irritated and itchy vagina. When I did visit my Dr I got my regular pap and swab but no un normal results. About 2 or maybe 3 weeks later I have this odor? All of the other problems are gone. I'm just confused on why my lower area is hating me so much.

Amy Lynn07 33 kids; Florida 966 posts
17th Nov '12

Sounds like a bacteria or yeast infection I deffiantaley would call y dr and getting another appointent asap. You don't want to have an infection and not know it. GL

Chels :3 Florida 2017 posts
17th Nov '12

:( ew that sucks I'm sorry. Call your doc. I didn't even know discharge was normal. Does that mean I'm not normal? Anything with an odor that is normally odorless. Is a sign of a possible infection. Call your doc again. Bug them, they're there to help you.