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Would you be mad? Mamitita 4 kids; Louisiana 720 posts
17th Nov '12

So I found out that Im expecting around a month ago and I have yet to tell my family. They live a few states away and I have not seen them in almost a year and a half. I have not talked to any of them on the phone in a voice convo since March and I have texted them here and there. They have not made a trip to see me at all since I have been living here (7 years) but I drive up there as much as possible.. I havent been in a year and half since I have all the kids. But they are the first to critisize anything I do. I dont want to tell them im pregnant until.. truthfully until I have the baby or atleast half way through. Reason is because of the response I got when I found out I was pregnant with my 7 month old and now pregnant again I would never hear the end of it. So my question is would you be mad if someone hid their pregnancy from you for these reasons?

SR ♥ 1 child; V, AR, United States 7869 posts
17th Nov '12

Your family has already proven that they can't be supportive. So why would you put yourself out there for more negativity?

☮[The Mrs.] FJB Due December 4; 3 kids; North Carolina 14335 posts
17th Nov '12

I may be a little hurt, but I wouldn't be mad since it's not like ya'll talk a lot anyway

.:Stacy Renee:. 19 kids; Ohio 6510 posts
17th Nov '12
Quoting Tiger Lily ♥:" Your family has already proven that they can't be supportive. So why would you put yourself out there for more negativity?"


If my family only had negative things to say, I would care how they felt.

Raωkeℓ 1 child; Costa Rica 8257 posts
17th Nov '12

I didn't answer the poll. Clearly, the way your family is- they're not going to understand your reasoning at all. They will be mad as hell. But with the way you described them, I wouldn't be focusing on them, but my own little family that I had and the little bundle I had growing.

LolaMcKitten Due May 30 (girl); 27 kids; Beverly Hills, California 15496 posts
17th Nov '12

Dude, I just had this same debate with myself. My parents live 500 miles away they never approve of anything I do and I knew when I told them, it would be nothing but criticism. I finally did it, but only because I am too close to my dad to not tell him and he is handicapped, so it's not HIS fault I don't see my family.

If it hadn't been for my dad, they probably wouldnt have been told until like halfway through.

Paige Smith 3 Due March 2; 2 kids; Fernandina Beach, Florida 14 posts
18th Nov '12

I have a 9 month old and am pregnant again my husband and I are thrilled but I'm dreading telling my parents as well. The truth is your parents are just looking out for you and don't want to see you struggle with the stress of little ones so close together. I'm thinking I'm going to wait until I start showing! Or later! Haha goodluck girl!

*mommy to 3* Due March 7 (girl); 2 kids; Virginia 1167 posts
18th Nov '12

We got pregnant with this one very close to our youngest baby who was 5 mos old when we concieved by suprise. My family was accepting and excited, especially after we had struggled with infertility trying to concieve our 2nd child. But when my DH told his mom she hung the phone up on him and spent weeks freaking out. Wanting to know if we were using birth control and how in the world were we going to care for another baby and being crazy about one of us getting "fixed" after this child. But you know what, my DH stood up to her like a 29 year old man should. I was so proud of him. He told her that we were happy and that she could either get happy or get over it. And that our sex life was none of her business and that in March she was going to have another grandbaby like it or not. He takes care of all of us and pays all of our bills, and we own a home. There was no reason for her craziness.We are now 6 months pregnant and she is estatic over this pregnancy. People, family, whoever will have their own opinions, but the only ones that truely matter are you and your spouse. Everyone else can get over themselves...