should i be worried and wait it out? Pickle Due September 2; 1 child; 1 angel baby; Kentucky 3676 posts
18th Nov '12

Im 36 weeks and at my appointment friday i had high blood pressure and decreased movement so they put me on the monitors and seen that the baby was rolling on his cord so they said and his heart rate was dropping dangerously low i got sent to the hospital and told to be on strict bed rest. i'm so paranoid since i obviously can't tell if he's still have the heat rate decels so i'm trying to pay more attention to his movement but he isn't near as active normally when they would put the monitors on me he would go crazy but he barely had a response even after they used the buzzer. he has had the hiccups but thats the only movement i can really get out of him. i have to go back to the doctor tomorrow to see what to do next but i'm scared to death about his decreased movements the past 3 days. could he be tangled up in the cord?

susanesque 2 kids; Georgia 8400 posts
18th Nov '12

I'd go in. Better safe than sorry!

Tea Bag McGee Due November 10; 2 kids; tardis, OS, United States 6885 posts
18th Nov '12

i would go in.. but thats me.