eℓℓa & rory 2 kids; Manchester, New Hampshire 4149 posts
Nov 18th '12

ok..... thank you guysa trying to remain calm... yea, they're the "internet cheapies" so it's not pulled apart. i'll test in the morning and post another pic. Thanks again!

BunnyGirl19 4 kids; 10 angel babies; Oregon 17953 posts
Nov 18th '12

I couldn't see anything with color.

TRISHA =] 2 kids; California 3368 posts
Nov 19th '12
Quoting James Mama:" Am I the only one who sees two lines? I can't edit :("

i see two.

Wanted: #2 Due August 26 (boy); 33 kids; Illinois 4726 posts
Nov 19th '12

I usually always see a second line, but I don't here!
I assume that's what you wanted to hear as you are not TTC