Ughhh I just don't know Momma_2.5x 3 kids; Beloit, Wisconsin 154 posts
19th Nov '12

I got my mirena out on October 19 and my doctor gave me birth control pills I had my first period a few days after I got my mirena out. I started the birth control pills on that Sunday but I was on antibiotics and therefore it cancelled out my BC pills. Me and my husband then had unprotected sex which I'm okay with having another baby and so is my DH. But now my BC pills said I should of had my period a week and a half ago and still nothing. I took a pregnancy test and it said no. I'm going to try to take one in a few days but I'm just curious to know if this has happened to anyone else and if they were in fact pregnant.


Daryl Dixon 2 kids; North Carolina 1544 posts
19th Nov '12

with my first i was on the pill and got sick, took meds. 3 weeks later i was pregnant!