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status Nov 19th '12

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LittlebuttsMama x2 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Asheville, North Carolina 16637 posts
Nov 19th '12

well at 12 months Kylie was 19lbs and 31inches

Leslie Graham-Newton Due April 16 (girl); 2 kids; Rolla, Missouri 193 posts
Nov 19th '12

my son 21 ibs. my daughter was 13ibs.

Kenzye and Chris' Mommy : 2 kids; Lebanon, Missouri 14524 posts
Nov 19th '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Venus p***s Trap.

K[♥ E&C] 2 kids; Nevada 25704 posts
Nov 19th '12

C is a month shy, she's 10 months but she's 19lbs and 29 3/4". My son at 11 months was 17lbs and I think 28-29".

Chandra LaMae Reese 2 kids; Appleton, Wisconsin 269 posts
Nov 19th '12

My 12 month old is 20lbs and 29 inches tall...just started wearing 6-9 month clothes, but they said she's really tiny!

Dude, you Fugly! 18 kids; Winston-Salem, North Carolina 19869 posts
Nov 19th '12

Both my kids have always been bigger for their age, but that's only because they get it from my ex-husbands side of the family. Around 11 months the girls were easily 30 pounds and somewhere around 31-32 inches. I would have to figure out where their baby books are to be exact. Shoes size, they were already in 6's and 7's, depending on the shoe. Clothes were 2-3T. They are still healthier like that at 2 and 4. My 2 year old is in a size 10 shoes, 5T clothes, and 45 lbs. My 4 year old is in a size 13 shoes, 6-7 clothes, and 56 lbs. Not quiet sure on their height.

Ace of Bace 1 child; New Bern, North Carolina 1668 posts
Nov 19th '12

My son is 1. He has been 25 lbs since he was 4 months. He is just a lot taller now. He wears size 18 month cloths and size 5 shoes. He was born with huge feet. 3.5 inches long when I was 30 weeks pregnant.

Liam&Xander's Mama Due February 28; 1 child; Ohio 1062 posts
Nov 19th '12

at 12 months he was 20lbs even and 29.5 inches. now at 23 months he is 24 lbs and 33.5 inches.

ashmarie89 Due October 19; 1 child; Spangdahlem, Germany 118 posts
Nov 19th '12

right after his 1st bday my son was 26lbs and just under 32 in. he was in 18m clothes and size 4 shoe. hes 15m now and 19lbs 4oz and 33.5in. 2T clothes and size 5/6 shoe