pregnancy question *Livin My Love Song* Due October 13 (boy); 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Massillon, Ohio 645 posts
19th Nov '12

how soon can you get heartburn during pregnancy? TIA

bloopbloop♥ 1 child; Illinois 14116 posts
19th Nov '12

Pretty sure there isn't a time frame.

gina buckley Due May 13 (girl); Dublin, Ireland 182 posts
19th Nov '12

I got mine in the second month if that's any help

♥Love♥ {28 weeks} Due August 14 (boy); 2 angel babies; California 8490 posts
19th Nov '12

Idk if it was pregnancy related but Ive already had one hell of a bout with it :x

loser mom 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Oslo, Norway, ,,, Europe 12082 posts
19th Nov '12

I didn't get it until the last month, and usually only at night while I was trying to sleep.

Starr Metcalfe 3 kids; Kentucky 504 posts
19th Nov '12

I always get mine before I even find out I'm pregnant. It's usually the first indicator that I'm pregnant lol. And I keep it until delivery =(

March 2013 3 kids; Illinois 988 posts
19th Nov '12

Not usually till the last month of my pregnancies. My friend was getting bad heart burn a month after she found out she was pregnant.

*Livin My Love Song* Due October 13 (boy); 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Massillon, Ohio 645 posts
19th Nov '12

thanx. i know it sounds dumb to ask but my sister in law is late for her period and heartburn is the only thing shes experiencing. she thinks it may be stress but she cld be preggo

Chels :3 Florida 2017 posts
19th Nov '12

I'm 27 weeks and it just started. And it's like really bad lol.

ambrahh 1 child; New Jersey 404 posts
19th Nov '12

I'm 34 weeks and I haven't had any heartburn.

Justine Daigle Due January 7 (girl); 1 child; Church Point, Louisiana 127 posts
20th Nov '12

thats how i figured i should take a pregnancy test i got heartburn right away i know it may sound stupid but its true. i have never had heartburn unless i was pregnant it happened the same way when i was pregnant with my little boy.