-aychsweez- 17 kids; Memphis, 6228 posts
21st Nov '12
Quoting It's Delivered:" Hope you're feeling better today"

Im feeling great today, thank you!

CandieR27 17 kids; Spokane, Washington 67 posts
25th Nov '12

I know how you feel. I've been through the same. It was a very rough recovery for me emotionally. I hope you're doing well!

Dontai's MUMMY! Due May 10; 33 kids; 3 angel babies; Memphis, Tennessee 444 posts
27th Nov '12
Quoting -aycн ѕweez-:" I had my abortion... It was terrible, i had the surgical one... Paid $400 extra to be heavily sedated ... [snip!] ... here struggling with everything in this world.... RIP baby, i love you so much... Heres the pictures i put on my wall today. "

i understand i had my abortion at 13 weeks.. and all they gave me was laughing gas! I felt every every every thing being done to me. it was real horrible. i was so angry afterwards b/c the video they showed us it looked like it wasnt going to be painful at all!