question .. :( SleepyBaby401 Due June 28; 17 kids; Bristol, Rhode Island 94 posts
19th Nov '12

This should have actually been posted in pregnancy issues but it won't let me /: Hellooo , I'm 21 years old and just found out I'm pregnant ( : so I'm definitly in the early stages of pregnancy but I'm having horrible neck and jaw paint ... the pain goes down to my neck line .. I do in fact have cavaties in my teeth , getting some fixed tomorrow . Its all the left side, and my chest is having muscle spasms .. if feels like my heart is skipping but its not I already had that ruled out .. so what could this be ? Could the pain be coming from my teeth ? I was already freaking out before that it could be a heart attack but I'm so young that its unlikely . Thanks in advance

LaLa_Crazy 2 kids; Copiague, New York 1385 posts
status 19th Nov '12

I've had this happen w/ a toothache or absess(sp?)

4boys+1girl =my babies :) 21 kids; Mexico, Missouri 549 posts
20th Nov '12

i had this happen with my 3 son i had a bad tooth infection make sure you inform the dentist tomorrow so they know

MrsWilliams154 Due June 24; 17 kids; Oxford, United Kingdom 1094 posts
20th Nov '12

I'm 9 weeks and have had constant neck pain and some chest pain. I'm told "it's pregnancy" but I never had this before.
Hopefully our problems are sorted soon - all day morning sickness is bad enough!

Jo&Ry Due May 11; 33 kids; Manchester, New Hampshire 1375 posts
20th Nov '12

teeth, they get super sensative during pregnancy. one of the many joys of being pregnant lol

SleepyBaby401 Due June 28; 17 kids; Bristol, Rhode Island 94 posts
20th Nov '12

thank you guys , i figured itd be my teeth just wanted to make sure, good thing im going to the dentist tonight ! hopefully they can resolve this issue !

hellosky 1 child; Nebraska 77 posts
20th Nov '12

i had that as well and was freaking out cuz i thought it was an abcess tooth, turns out my lymph node was infected, causing tooth pain and neck pain and all that jazz.