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★★★★★ Life is a Highway ♫ 18 kids; Australia 9381 posts
20th Nov '12


Miss Conception [EBFB] Due October 26; 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Nebraska 25206 posts
20th Nov '12

I'm sorry for your loss hun. -hugs- Im sure she will still be with you on Christmas and looking over you always.

Bop ✿ 3 kids; Alabama 22511 posts
20th Nov '12

so sorry for your loss :(

Dana +4 4 kids; Ontario 951 posts
20th Nov '12

Sorry for your loss...:(

user banned 2 kids; Minnesota 7318 posts
20th Nov '12

Sorry for your loss. I love your memorial idea, very sweet. Glad your boys could bring some smiles.