Getting permanent marker off of skin? user banned
20th Nov '12

For whatever reason, my dad decided it was a good idea to let my 11 month old DD play with a purple permanent marker and now there's a nice long line of it down her leg :roll:

Anyone have a way to get it out? Every time I've had permanent marker on myself it took days to get out and my skin was always irritated from the scrubbing and I'd rather not irritate her skin.

Sierra&Aria[09.14.12] 1 child; Illinois 366 posts
20th Nov '12

Rubbing Alcohol will get permanent market off mirrors, maybe it works on skin too?

Worth a shot. Haha

Wolverine Due April 16; 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Lake City, Michigan 37236 posts
20th Nov '12

Nothing will get it off without irritating the skin. I just got some off of myself with soap and a loofah

HopingforaMiracle 1 child; USA 23102 posts
status 20th Nov '12

Hand sanitizer?

kittywhite 1 child; Tokyo, Japan 4493 posts
20th Nov '12

i use nail polish remover

user banned 1 child; Portland, Maine 20613 posts
20th Nov '12
Quoting kittywhite:" i use nail polish remover"

Would that be okay on baby skin?

Laventure_Adventure 2 kids; Pennsylvania 675 posts
20th Nov '12

Either use rubbing alcohol or for a more "natural" idea use vinegar and rub gently.

kittywhite 1 child; Tokyo, Japan 4493 posts
20th Nov '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Co-Creator of Goobernut:</b>" Would that be okay on baby skin?"</blockquote>

i mean idk ive done it before and my daughter was fine. used a cotton ball wiped it off then gave her a bath right after
im sure its not good for skin though

Mommy2Kay Due April 20; 1 child; Florida 4247 posts
20th Nov '12

Just use rubbing alcohol, it probably won't come all off but it will after a couple of baths.

Cassi♥DLKA♥ 4 kids; Victoria, Texas 23081 posts
21st Nov '12

You've probably already gotten it off, but when my oldest did this, toothpaste works! And it didn't irritate her skin!