How many birthmarks does your LO have? Lilly and Laya's momma Due May 24 (boy); 2 kids; 4 angel babies; Chesapeake, Virginia 8398 posts
status 21st Nov '12

My daughter has 7 of them. I have always heard birthmarks are not very common. I have 2 and SO has 1. Just think it crazy has she has so many. Wondering if the next one will be the same.

She has 3 on her head (different areas)
1 on the forehead that turns purple when she's mad
1 on her shoulder blade that has a patch of hair
1 above her t***y
Then just figured out not to long ago that she also has a Mongolian birth mark on her t***y.

B♥Z 2 kids; Williamsport, Maryland 14245 posts
21st Nov '12

DD doesn't have any, but, I have 4.

homes cool Due July 25; 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Indiana 62954 posts
status 21st Nov '12

My daughter has zero. My son has two. A cute little one on his butt, and then a tiny little dot on his back - although that one may have already faded.

PurpleBama582 52 kids; Dothan, Alabama 3875 posts
21st Nov '12

My oldest has 3, my son has 1, and my youngest has 1. I have 2.

Yo-Landi 2 kids; Kiss my ass, EU, Lithuania 16129 posts
21st Nov '12

My oldest son has none. My second son has a light colored blotch on his belly and a dark oval on his back.

*B & D Mommy* Due January 19; 2 kids; Illinois 16280 posts
21st Nov '12

My oldest has one in the same exact spot as me(and my sister has one in the same spot too! they are all the same shape lol) is on the upper left part of the belly..right before the ribcage. My youngest has one on his forehead lol. I have another pretty big one on the upper right side of my calf

Gir! 2 kids; Ohio 7547 posts
21st Nov '12

My oldest has 1 and my youngest has one that looks like the line women get during pregnancy. I have 7 cafe birthmarks all over lol

Mommy.x4 ❤ 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Windsor, Ontario 13072 posts
21st Nov '12

My girls each have 1.
They both have a "stork bite" on the back of their head, and onto their upper neck.

~Elliott's.Mommy~ TTC since Dec 2015; 1 child; 1 angel baby; Eugene, Oregon 3808 posts
21st Nov '12

My baby has 3. The doctor said one will go away soon. 2 are the same types and one is a red on right by his shoulder. The 2 that are the same are on both knees and I have the same one my shoulder, and so does my bf.

j0des(+2) 18 kids; Virginia 5095 posts
21st Nov '12

Both boys have just one. My oldest has one on his leg in the same spot as his youngest has a little dot on his back.

user banned 3 kids; Ontario 10942 posts
21st Nov '12

I have 3 kids and non of them have birth marks at all. lol

Jo&M 2 kids; Delaware 3311 posts
21st Nov '12

DS has none. DD has 3. One is a tiny dark red spot on her forehead, the other a big dark brown one on her arm, and the last is a light brown smudge on her ankle.
SO has none, I had two that faded, red marks on my eyelid/ forehead, and one on the back of my neck.

Janessa * 1 child; Everett, Massachusetts 629 posts
21st Nov '12

my son has one, its on the arch of his foot..shaped kind of like a kissy mark..its like the size of a jimmy though lol