21st Nov '12

Hey, I know most people here are the mothers but I happen to be the father of a mp. My little girl was born may 1st 2012 at 23w. To the day. She will be 7 months old on the first and 3 months corrected on the 28th. She weighed 1 lbs 1oz at birth. she was in the hospital until about a week before her due date Aug 28th. She had to have pda ligation heart surgery to close her pda and laser eye surgery for her stage 3 rop. She had necroendocolitis which stopped her from eating for a couple months and was on blood pressure meds constantly. Was was on two different ventilaters and on a couple different types of cpap. She had caffine and a bunch of different meds. since she came home she has more than doubled her weight. She was 4.5 lbs now as of yesterday she is ten lbs one oz.

She had no brain bleeds which we know is extremely lucky and a godsend. The one thing that happened to her that I haven't seen on here was the loss of her fingers. An arterial line in her arm caused her blood vessel to spasm cutting circulation to her hand off. Eventually her fingers and thumb on that hand came off at her first knucles.

Now I know the spelling or some of the terms I used may not be totally accurate but bear with me .
If anyone has had a similar type of thing or is looking for a fathers point of view let me know.

I am looking for anyone father or mother to a micropremiee who is older than my daughter that can shed some light to development expectations and milestones. I'm sure she will be behind I'm just curious as to when I should expect to she her play with things, sit up stand up, start to talk and such.

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21st Nov '12

All I know is this website
Healthy vibes and a long happy life for your little one :)

mike jones Japan 4 posts
21st Nov '12

Thank you, I'm checking it out now

Ellie. 34 kids; Arizona 25368 posts
21st Nov '12

Cant really help, but I'm glad your little one is thriving, and may she continue to do so. :)

taking a look at life Palm beach gardens, FL, United States 49023 posts
status 21st Nov '12

I have a friend that has a micro premiee she had the PDA surgery, laser eye surgery, a GI scope was on a vent 2x and spent over 100 days in the NICU.

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23rd Nov '12

My son was a micropreemie at 25w4d. he weighed 1lb13.5oz and was 13.5in long. All babies grow at their own rates but a guideline you can go by is that they should be keeping up with the milestones of their adjusted age. My son is 10mo old almost 7 adjusted and he is on track with 7mo old mile stones. He is rolling and making lots of sounds. he has tone issues in his hamstrings (tightness) so sitting independently for more than a 30seconds or so is a challenge because he will lean back to compensate for the strain in his hamstrings and fall over. He is also eating baby food and is starting to hold his bottle on his own (not very efficient at it yet, the other day he squeezed the nipple and squirted formula all over his face). Is your daughter enrolled in any kind of early intervention? My son sees an occupational therapist once weekly to work on keeping him on track with developmental goals. She gives us alot of feedback and tips for things we can do to encourage his development. My son now weighs 18lb40z and is 27ish inches long (it varies depending on who is measuring him because of the tight hamstrings it is hard to get him to straighten his leg all the way out). he had no major medical issues while in the NICU. Level 1 brain bleed-self resolved, stage 1 ROP-self resolved, BPD-just graduated from pulomary monitoring and has been off all meds for 3 months. No surgeries, no infections, 3 blood transfusions. I would see what kind of services she qualifies for (if she isn't already enrolled). The social worker at our NICU was great and had it all arranged for us by the time we brought Elijah home.