4 year old throwing up happybb 50 kids; Ohio 602 posts
21st Nov '12

Quick question: My son took a nap this afternoon. After he woke up he has been in a good mood, but he has thrown up 4 times, 3 of the times looked like quite a lot. He has eaten the same food as me today, I feel fine. He's not running a fever, he says he feels fine and does not have a stomach ache. He's even wanted to help clean it up afterward, believe it or not. Has anyone else had this happen? What could it be? I'm concerned about dehydration, but not sure what we should be giving him. My husband wants him not to eat or drink anything, but he's saying he's hungry and thirsty (he said this before and we gave him some cracker, which he threw up). Can we give him anything? I'd call his pediatrician, but I'm not sure that we need that since he seems fine otherwise.

ChubbyCheekers 2 kids; New York 3117 posts
21st Nov '12

I would try some gatorade or pedialyte. Is he keeping fluids down? If he is, it's probably just a stomach bug and you'll just need to let it run his course. But if he can't keep fluids down at all, you may need to take him to the ER for IV hydration...

happybb 50 kids; Ohio 602 posts
21st Nov '12

He just threw up again, so I have a call in to the pediatrician.

LibbyC Due January 1 (girl); Japan 15 posts
22nd Nov '12

With throwing up, its all about taking more fluids and energy on board so I'd recommend something high in sugar etc, its gives children the sugar rush to give them more energy and can also hydrate them. Some kind of isotonic sports drink is ideal as it helps plus isn't as scary for the child as giving them medicine. Maybe get a cheap mattress topper as well because the smell of vomit will most likely induce nausea in your child so try to cleanse the room and bed for him. I hope hes fine and well soon, good luck