What's your opinion on what this means? Proud_MaMa_ Toms River, New Jersey 12390 posts
21st Nov '12

A democratic government dictated by bureaucratic businesses.

~ Ez's MoM ~ 33 kids; Zimbabwe 3436 posts
21st Nov '12

it means you want help with your homework?

Tea Bag McGee Due November 21 (girl); 2 kids; tardis, OS, United States 6891 posts
21st Nov '12
Quoting annabelle509:" it means you want help with your homework?"


user banned Shreveport, Louisiana 66739 posts
22nd Nov '12

I would be inclined to say capitalism

khigh 1 child; Fort Sill, Oklahoma 8101 posts
22nd Nov '12

Koch Brothers and Goldman Sachs. Look them up. They are the businesses behind our "democratic" government.