How much??? melissa_83 Due December 20; 3 kids; New York 1297 posts
22nd Nov '12

Does anyone remember how much their baby weighed at their 35 week ultrasound???? I had mine done the other day and they estimated 7lbs give or take a pound. The U/S tech could not believe my due date wasnt until DEC 21. The baby was measuring at the 38 week mark judging by the bone length and head size. My next appt is on tues. Since my youngest just turned 7 I dont remember how big he was at this stage. My OB already discussed induction with me due to how big my belly was measuring. So is this a normal weight or do you think shes bigger than normal.

*A&N's Mama* 2 kids; Halifax, Nova Scotia 4627 posts
22nd Nov '12

Almost everyone here will tell you those ultrasounds guessing LO's weight can be off by more like 2lbs..

melissa_83 Due December 20; 3 kids; New York 1297 posts
22nd Nov '12

Yeah I def know they can be off but its not just the U/S that was off its also the size of my belly from the outside thats measuring 2 1/2 weeks bigger....My last son was 9lbs and I almost had to have a c-section --I guess im just nervous that she might get too big and im going to end up in the same situation as last time.

Kristin B. +down.45+ 1 child; Montgomery, Alabama 2038 posts
status 22nd Nov '12

If I remember correctly LO measured 6lbs1oz

Lindie (blissed out) 2 kids; Australia 12462 posts
22nd Nov '12

Using U/S as a way to measure the weight of baby isn't accurate. They are frequently out by pounds. In fact, the ACOG says "Weighing the newborn after delivery is the only way to accurately diagnose macrosomia [big baby], because the prenatal diagnostic methods (assessment of maternal risk factors, clinical examination and ultrasonographic measurement of the fetus) remain imprecise."

Olivia Marquiss Due December 26 (boy); 33 kids; Sumner, Washington 57 posts
22nd Nov '12

My first daughter at 35 weeks was about 6 lbs. 5oz or so. She was measuring 3 weeks ahead and came out being 10.5 lbs. My son is doing the same thing. I had my 34 week appt yesterday and he was measuring 36 weeks. They are thinking 9 lbs

MrsWilliams154 Due June 24; 17 kids; Oxford, United Kingdom 1094 posts
22nd Nov '12

Mine was 4.5lbs at 35 weeks but he was always going to be small (I was small, my sister and mother were small, my grandmother was small etc.)

Laura s.e Due December 31 (boy); 3 kids; Nevada 13 posts
22nd Nov '12

when i was pregnant with my first daughter they did i/a before she was born and said she was only a little over 7 lbs. when she came out she was over nine lbs. u/s are not accurate.