Rooting Kayla Atherton Due November 10 (girl); Mt Union, Pennsylvania 74 posts
22nd Nov '12

Im breastfeeding...Do babies ever root even when theyre not hungry?....When my LO isnt on my b**b....shes rooting or sleeping. Smacking her lips and sucking her fist....How can she be hungry every waking moment?....As soon as she wakes up, shes rooting...she eats...falls asleep....wakes up rooting...even if she only slept 5 minutes. Besides breastfeeding, we havent had any bonding time because shes crying or eating when shes awake. Im pretty sure shes getting enough milk...idk why she would want to eat all the time.

hi puddin 4 kids; Lawrence, Kansas 2118 posts
23rd Nov '12

All babies do is sleep suck and shit:-) their tummies are pretty small so she probably is hungry..breastfeeding is the best bonding time there is:-)

Kylees Mama 1 child; Faribault, Minnesota 4193 posts
23rd Nov '12

During this time ya, all she's gonna e doing is eating, sleeping and pooing. Sucking is a natural soothing reflex for babies.