excited Maebaby&Grayson Due October 15; 2 kids; South Carolina 7556 posts
23rd Nov '12

We are for real ttc i actually quit taking my bc i decided to not finish the pack because i was having terrible chest pains and my neighbor said it might be my bc. And i quit taking it and have not had any issues im going to the dr next monday to talk to the dr and idc when i get pregnant yet i just want ava to have a sibling really close to her. :)

user banned Due December 8; 16 kids; Massachusetts 6396 posts
23rd Nov '12

Just wanted to wish you lots of luck TTC, sending lots of baby dust :)

Brandy&TayTay 1 child; Greensboro, North Carolina 2576 posts
23rd Nov '12

Good luck :) yay