Weird.. wigglewaddle 2 kids; Wichita, Kansas 2399 posts
23rd Nov '12

Turkey day was a complete disaster for me. Started off with a headache. Ate about a half a plate of food. Ended up getting sick. Everytime I ate or drank something, I threw it up exorcist style. Not only this, I had fever, chills, contractions, cramps, back pain, loose stools. Contractions and all that were pretty dang bad, and I said well I'll wait til my sister's alarm goes off for black friday and have her take me to the hospital. After a night of drifting in and out of sleep, puking, and all that good stuff. I fall asleep and am still contracting, but the crampy achy feeling was gone. And I still felt nauseous but was able to keep some water down. Hope this was just a 24 hour bug! Thanks for letting me b***h about my turkey day!

Not here to please you 3 kids; Jacksonville, Florida 2214 posts
23rd Nov '12

Eww hope you feel better soon.

catpeacebird Due December 24 (boy); Washington 58 posts
23rd Nov '12

im sorry !!same thing happend to me i puked twice today from the ham i ate .yes do feel better soon get some rest

Sweet*Tay*to 1 child; LalaLand, TX, United States 6993 posts
status 23rd Nov '12

I hope you are feeling better! My mom and I discovered my dad having some interesting chats with 2 women. My Thanksgiving was good until then. Jerk that he is. Did you try crackers and Vernors?

wigglewaddle 2 kids; Wichita, Kansas 2399 posts
23rd Nov '12

I tried everything. It was horrible, and I never want to experience those feelings all at the same time again. I seriously thought I might be in labor, but once they stopped I was relieved. Tonight I'm going to sleep good! Well as good as you can at this stage.