vent/ sad momma ♥crazybitch 1 child; 5550 posts
23rd Nov '12

Nice to know I have someone to talk to when I'm upset :/ yeah, right.. and I'm so sick of hearing I wish you and Zach would work it out and if you just sat down and talked about this and that and blah blah blah it would work.. No it will never work and I need to move on. & it's so hard to lose something, but it's really something I never had.. I wanted a family for Chloe, and she won't have that until I get married and she has a step dad, because you can't twist someone's arm and try to make them be the father and partner you want them to be.. They have to want to be that person and he just doesn't. Maybe it's his drug problem, maybe it's the fact he's def bipolar and whatever else mental illness, or maybe it's my fault. But none-the-less I'm sick of over analyzing it, and him and I'm just sick of being hurt and sad. I don't know what to do anymore. I try to focus on Chloe and school but it's a lot harder said than done.. I need a friend I guess you could say.

MamaTay[Kennedi] 1 child; Greenville, Texas 3194 posts
23rd Nov '12

You can do it! Stay strong momma. It will be better for you to be away from the drugs and the instability. Better for you and your gorgeous daughter.

ItsEasyIfYouTry 1 child; Florida 830 posts
23rd Nov '12

Sounds a lot like what I've been through! pm me anytime. Good for you.