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    • Tell her nicely that it's pressing on babies neck -- Votes: 7
    • Walk on by -- Votes: 4
    • I don't give a hoot. -- Votes: 3
front carriers BBNO5NTHEOVEN 5 kids; California 4923 posts
24th Nov '12

Saw a woman today at the mall with a baby a few months old in a front carrier... I didn't want to pry into her parenting so I said nothing... but that thing was resting tightly along the babies neck and the baby was faced outward... if it were strangling the baby that mom would have no clue... What would you do? Do you call it to her attention just in case she didn't notice that the baby was too small for the carrier facing forwards? Or do you just walk on by and pray nothing happens to the baby?

I'm actually a virgin Due June 9; 1 child; Oregon 18466 posts
24th Nov '12

I always open my mouth... worst case she gets offended and doesn't listen, but at least you tried.