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period like cramps Sammantha Russell Due December 16 (girl); Australia 2 posts
24th Nov '12

hey im 36 and 5 days ive had all my babies at 36 exactly but not this one she is pretty comfy in there, but im getting period like cramps really low and hips hurt it comes and goes, i just feel like i have a full blown period, with the discharge and everything, does any one know what that means? yes i've had kids already but this pregnancy is so different its almost like being pregnant for the first time again

user banned 2 kids; Bat Cave, North Carolina 64587 posts
24th Nov '12

are you BLEEDING like a full blown period? Or you just feel like it?

Bianca Jade 3 kids; Australia 1 posts
24th Nov '12

this is exactly how my labour started with my first baby. it went on for a good 2 days before i went into to full blown labour.

Leslie_marie Due January 9 (girl); 1 child; Southport, North Carolina 61 posts
24th Nov '12

I'm 33 wks and ive been having the same symptoms for a month now! The drs just think thats normal for this pregnancy. i had NO SYMPTOMS of ANYTHING for my first easiest pregnancy ever! but this one is really handing it to me.

Sammantha Russell Due December 16 (girl); Australia 2 posts
24th Nov '12

hey guys, nah no blood, just feels like a full period, it just comes and goes and destroys my sleep. still got it and my appetite is gone.