Nancyznoidek 1 child; Connecticut 632 posts
24th Nov '12

I Think It's Usually 160+ it's a girl but don't mark me. I was due with my daughter the same day your due Last Year had her On the 24th! Good Luck..:)

♥garrett&adalyn 2 kids; Texas 10762 posts
24th Nov '12

My son's was always in the 140s or lower. I've guessed a few friends babies genders right by their heart rates lol but I know it's never 100%

Mutha. TTC since Jan 1995; 3830 posts
24th Nov '12
Quoting Lizplustwo:" There's no, "not too reliable" about it. It's not reliable at all. I mean, the wives' tales can be fun ... [snip!] ... you realize that there's nothing to them. They're accurate approximately 50% of the time, like any gender prediction method :)"

I'm not stupid, obviously there is a 50/50 chance. I was just asking a simple questions.

ChubbyCheekers 2 kids; New York 3117 posts
24th Nov '12

Never said you were. Just telling you not to get your hopes up.

I'm not sure what's the point in asking, though, if you know it to not be true.

Momma Perham 2 kids; Florida 7625 posts
25th Nov '12

My son's heart rate was 176BPM & my daughter's was 183BPM......nothing about the heart rate gives any indication of the baby's sex. You'll find this w/ all the different heart rates given by other Moms that it gives conflicting results. lol

friendlygirl626 6 kids; Kansas 8593 posts
25th Nov '12

If your going strictly by the old wives tale, then I would say that is a "girl" heartrate. Alot of people ask me the heartrate of this baby when wanting to guess what it is. Some people like their old wives tales...I think they are intersting myself. All of my kids tend to run 150ish and I have 2 boys and 3 girls.