When did you start? Felicia ッ 17 kids; Winder, Georgia 650 posts
24th Nov '12

feeding yogurt to your kids? How about the puffs snacks & yogurt melts? My daughter is almost 7 months old & she eats baby food once sometimes twice a day we are still on stage one though.. she won't eat jar food but I've been making mashed up bananas, mashed potatoes & sweet potatoes, & avacodo & other things at home..

LumpySpacePrincess 2 kids; New Zealand 17060 posts
24th Nov '12

After a year. History of intolerance and allergies in my family so I stayed away from those kind of things for quite awhile.

RonniG Due July 19; 1 child; Plentywood, Montana 2036 posts
24th Nov '12

I think I fed my son baby yogurt around 8 months.

LoveMyBubbaBoy 2 kids; Michigan 3195 posts
status 24th Nov '12

DS is 8 months and we just started 2 weeks ago. He loves it with things and if it isn't cold. Lol. I'd give it to him plain, but warming up yogurt makes me gag. He likes it mixed with squash which is weird, but it tastes kind of good.

☮Sugar Magnolia 1 child; Indiana 18298 posts
24th Nov '12

My daughter's pedi said 8-9 months.

She eats he cereal puffs for now though.

.Mommy.[40] 18 kids; Beverly Hills, California 21297 posts
24th Nov '12

Never giving her the puffs or yogurt puffs. But yogurt we'll start around 10 months.

Madi's*Mama Due November 2; 1 child; Holland, Michigan 7391 posts
24th Nov '12

6 months but I broke them up at first until she was 7 months.