What are you getting your kids for Christmas?? Andrame Japan 4 posts
26th Nov '12

And how old are they? My 5 y.o. DD wants a Nintendo that appropriate for that age? Her cousin has one and hes glued to it all day long. I dont want that for my kids, plus her lil bro will definitely want to play too. Im getting our 6 month old some developmental toys and a walker-any suggestions?

We have a 5 y.o. DD, 3 y.o. DS, and 6 m.o. DD2...grandma is doing bikes, legos for our boy... index.jpg

Had my 10/10/10 baby! Brighton, ca, United States 1144 posts
26th Nov '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Andrame:</b>" And how old are they? My 5 y.o. DD wants a Nintendo that appropriate for that age? Her cousin ... [snip!] ... and a walker-any suggestions? We have a 5 y.o. DD, 3 y.o. DS, and 6 m.o. DD2...grandma is doing bikes, legos for our boy..."</blockquote>

My daughter is 2 and I'm going with an educational tablet so when I'm doing homework she can be learning to. I plan on setting limits on it, it will only be on for homework time, or 2 hours a day, orwhen we go somewhere in the car.

I think you just need rules I hate the little brats who are glued to their game boys they always hit!

C A R M E L A💜 1 child; Mahopac, New York 16272 posts
26th Nov '12

My daughter is 3.

My mother got her the leap pad 2.

I got her a carriage for her dolls, some Dora puzzles, coloring book, a Dora bag, a baby that goes into the bath with her, a Dora 3 piece toothbrush set and a car track set.

I still need to get her some pjays and shoes.

Fairy [God] Mother Due February 23 (girl); 17 kids; Stratham, New Hampshire 7085 posts
26th Nov '12

My son is 3 and he is getting a mini trampoline and some angry bird loot- (pillow, blanket, bed set & a couple games and misc items) my husband wants to buy him some police Lego forest station set but I don't think he is old enough for so many little pieces!

homes cool 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Indiana 60938 posts
26th Nov '12

4 year old daughter:
Wear: Gymboree outfit
Want: My Little Pony Ponyville Tent
Need: Gymnastics leotard (a sparkly one.)
Read: Leap Pad 2 w/ books/games

2 year old son:
Wear: Baby Gap outfit
Want: Thomas Steam and Go
Need: Knit hat w/ "mom tattoo" (hand made, super cute)
Read: Collection of classic bedtime books, cardboard Disney books

Their share gift: Giant collection of Play-doh toys/tools.

I'm really excited!

I don't know anything about the DS, so I'm no help on that.

semicharmedlife 1 child; Blountstown, FL, United States 619 posts
26th Nov '12

I don't think it would be too young. I would personally wait till my daughter was a little older, but when she got one I would keep it put up and let her play with it for a certain amount of time only.

We have gotten Natalie (10 months) a puzzle, a walk/push toy, a basketball goal that lights up when you put the ball in it, a doll, a block set where they put the shapes in the holes, a stacking toy, a toy cell phone and a toy animal phone and a few other toys that play music.

.:MummaWolf:. Due October 23; 1 child; 1 angel baby; Melbourne, Australia 846 posts
26th Nov '12

DS will be 6mths by Christmas, and he is getting...

Something he wants: sesame street/Elmo DVDs (not sure if it's what he wants but he's getting them lol)
Something he needs: leap frog puppy pal Scout (doesn't really NEED it but will help him learn.
Something he wears: a shirt and pair of shorts
Something he reads: noisy noisy pirates, the brave little polar bear

This "four" present method we are sticking with through bdays and chrismas', makes life easier

username1 1 child; Chicopee, MA, United States 30921 posts
26th Nov '12

my 4 year old is getting

step2 workshop
hot wheels
pretend shaving kit
doctors kit
various cars that make noises
various little things from the dollar store for his stocking

and i know some of the stuff family is getting him;
new games for his leappad
wii gaming system
new flat screen tv for his room

the BEAST Wisconsin 15638 posts
26th Nov '12

DS is 7. He's getting a DS (he used to play mine and his sister broke it), a case for it, Legos, socks/undies and MAYBE one other thing. He's only allowed to play the DS in the car or occasionally during the week when ALL of his homework is done.

DD is 4. She's getting Legos, a princess castle for her little princesses, 2 Barbies, and something else (haven't decided what)

Alissa McKeighan 3 kids; Vermont 368 posts
26th Nov '12

5-year-old daughter: art set, pjays, hair bows, 1st grade work books, reading rainbow DVDs, new outfits.

3-year-old daughter: art set, pjays, kindergarten work books, Barney DVDs, new outfits, several toy dinosaurs (she is obsessed with dinosaurs).

Stuff like that. No pricey electronics.

B,K,L,&T!(34wks) Due October 6; 1 child; 1 angel baby; Michigan 1083 posts
26th Nov '12

My DS will be 4 months.

I got him clothes (a couple outfits sized 12 months because he has a ton of clothes till then) to wear,
a walker that he needs,
don't know what he wants so I got him a toy phone that does numbers & other educational hand-eye coordination stuff,

and I plan on getting him some Dr. Seuss books & bedtime stories. He only has a few books :(