drying up milk supply.. Kaylen Jean Clifford 1 child; La Puente, California 528 posts
26th Nov '12

So LO is 8 weeks old today, but he barely came home from the hospital on November 17th. I was pumping and feeding him my the hospital, the nurses would always comment about him being gassy and bloated and wondered if it was what I was eating...well, they had me on a strict diet, so I wasn't eating anything that could be causing him trouble. Once I got him home, his poor belly bloat and grunting was unbearable for me to watch him go through anymore. In the hospital, they had given him Similac NeoSure a couple of times when they had run out of my milk and he did fine with it. Since I was already fortifying my milk with formula (instructed by the doctor to make him gain weight), I tried feeding him only formula for an entire day...what a miracle that was because his belly is the squishiest I've ever seen it and he seems a lot more comfortable. While I'm sad that his little system isn't compatible with my milk, I'm glad that he's feeling better. But now my problem is that I'm trying to dry up my milk supply. I stopped pumping yesterday afternoon and now I'm beginning to notice my breasts becoming engorged. Does anyone have tips for doing so? So far, I've read to wrap your breasts in ace bandages/not to, use cabbage leaves in your bra, and take Sudafed..I'm not looking forward to this pain..does anyone know how to get rid of it fast? Thanks!

Brantley+Savannah 2 kids; Mills River, NC, United States 3119 posts
26th Nov '12

all you can do is ride it out, took 2 weeks for my supply to dry up.

bia. Due August 13; 2 kids; ., ., Portugal 76318 posts
26th Nov '12

I've only ever heard of the cabbage leaves in your bra, good luck! :)

martinez♥ Due February 13; 2 kids; Fort Myers, Florida 2596 posts
26th Nov '12

Decongestants will dry up your milk supply. Also, for the engorgement fill a tub with warm water and lean over so your breasts are hanging in it. That will help the milk to release without stimulating the milk production.

andthesenights 1 child; Virginia 4358 posts
26th Nov '12

Watch out for mastitis.

taking a look at life Palm beach gardens, FL, United States 49151 posts
26th Nov '12

benadryl will dry u up.... I had a reaction to something i ate turned all red and was swollen and took it with out thinking thank god i didnt dry up.

dnp87 Due October 6; 1 child; Maryland 188 posts
26th Nov '12

I did all of takes about two weeks...pump about once a day for like 5 mins to relieve some pressure. I did and it made a big difference...still pretty painful though.

loser mom Due June 24 (twins); 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Oslo, Norway, ,,, Europe 11495 posts
status 26th Nov '12

I didn't quit pumping cold turkey - I made it a more gradual process. Less time pumping, and fewer pumping sessions.