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Jonathan Andrew is here!!! Nivea Ellis Due November 29 (boy); 3 kids; LaGrange, Georgia 13 posts
27th Nov '12

Here is my story..Nothing really went as planned but I am ok with the outcome. I knew from day one that I would be induced. I was induced with my other kids and had gd with this one. No biggie been there done that. I arrived this morning at 5 as instructed. I had joked in the past about doing it all natural and as I got further along I started saying realistically I would go as long as I could but knew I would probably end up with an epidural. Backing up for a minute. Friday night I came in because I was hurting and of the 3 hours I was there they only registered 1 contraction and I was at 1.5 cm with no changes. My appt was yesterday (monday) in which the doc said I was a 2 cm. I get to the hospitak this morning and loss my mucus plug when I used the bathroom while changing into my gown. They checked me for the first time around 7 before starting pitocin and I was at a 4. So I began thinking I was probably going into labor on my own. The doc came in at 8 checked me and I was at 4.5 and she broke my water. They went ahead and started the pitocin. I had to have an internal monitor put in because the external was not working properly. After that I was that I was hurting too bad and told them I would go ahead and get my epi. I was fine before I was disturbed. Well after 2 hours of trying the epi did not take at all. They said I have a very boney back and just couldnt get it. I got an I.V. drug that relaxed me a little for about 30 min and thats it. at 12:04 my son came into this world. My doctor barely made it into the room. My body was pushing and I did nto fight it. One good push and his entire body came out!!!

I'm me 4 kids; Kentucky 3109 posts
27th Nov '12

how big was he?

Not here to please you 3 kids; Jacksonville, Florida 2214 posts
27th Nov '12

Congrats :)

Nivea Ellis Due November 29 (boy); 3 kids; LaGrange, Georgia 13 posts
27th Nov '12

Im sorry I did leave that out. 6lbs 13 oz and 20 inches long. I will post pictures when I get a chance.

The Pretty Poodle™ 1 child; Illinois 7341 posts
27th Nov '12

Congrats hun!

κατι 1 child; Memphis, Tennessee 3143 posts
27th Nov '12