October2011 2 kids; Pennsylvania 6791 posts
28th Nov '12
Quoting KarleeKins:" No not all"

Thats still what its considered. So why would he try to get u pregnant if hes risks going to jail??

wigglewaddle 2 kids; Wichita, Kansas 2399 posts
28th Nov '12

In some states 16 is legal age of consent. What state is OP from?

KarleeKins Japan 4 posts
28th Nov '12

I guess thats true and where I live the rule is 24 months of age apart is the legal age limits..its weird.

Jimi Hendrix 1 child; Winter Garden, Florida 1121 posts
29th Nov '12

if you have sex.
You can get pregnant.
Pulling out doesn't work all the time, most often fails more than works.
If you don't want a kid, don't be a child, and use the proper birth control
If he is older he should also be responsible and use a condom and be careful.
You have all possibilities to prevent a child and if you're not ready for one, don't make the careless mistake chick.
For real.