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After 5 years I am back and really scared... *Spoiled Mommy* Due July 23 (boy); San Antonio, Texas 23 posts
29th Nov '12

I was pregnant twice in 07. Unfortunately they both ended in MC. I was 19 and had just moved in with my boyfriend. I decided to stop trying since I knew I was too young and I didn't want to be disappointed again. I got on Depo and we were good to go. 2 years ago we decided to start trying again. Except the Depo took a toll on my body. After trying for a year with no success I was diagnosed with PCOS. We tried for 3 mote months with progesterone therapy to get my cycles in order. No success. we tried 3 rounds of Clomid with no success either. I decided to get off of all hormonal drugs including Clomid. Hormone drugs is what got me into this in the first place. After 2 months of being free of any treatments we conceived!! I'm praying my body has had time to mature and finally be able to have a baby in July. I'm still very scared to tell anyone and scared of disappointment. After 5 years I'm still traumatized!! Anyone else going through or has gone through this?!

wombie 4 kids; Zimbabwe 73281 posts
29th Nov '12

Congratulations honey :)

I hope your pregnancy is nice and easy for you!

Lilly and Laya's momma 3 kids; 4 angel babies; Chesapeake, Virginia 8514 posts
29th Nov '12

I had 1 Ectopic and 2 Miscarriages then had DD. I had an Ruptured Ectopic in June and now I am 15 weeks pregnant with another miracle

Mama Van D Due November 3; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Unity, Maine 2454 posts
29th Nov '12

Good luck, mama! I haven't been through that, but I lost my daughter last year at 21w4d. I know how scary it is to try again after a loss, and I now have a beautiful baby boy who will be 2 months on Saturday. I hope everything works out for you!

user banned Vancouver, British Columbia 5643 posts
29th Nov '12

I had 3 MCs. And this past August I finally had my LO. Good luck and lots of sticky dust :)

That Girl. 2 kids; Florida 4109 posts
29th Nov '12

Congrats hope everything goes smoothly for you :)

NHRA21 1 child; 2 angel babies; Davenport, IA, United States 5 posts
29th Nov '12

Stay confident... I feel ya though.. when I was 18 I lost my daughter, 1st child, when I was 5 months pregnant do to a very rare situation where I got a small leak and was losing amnotic fluid, do to lose of fluid baby couldn't survive and gave birth at 5 months to a stillborn baby... me & the father of my 1st child decided to try again after waiting few months like doctor recommended, 6 months later I found out i was pregnant day b4 my 19th birthday but ended up having a miscarriage a wk later, I was 6 wks along... we kept trying but had no sucess on conceiving and we ended up splitting up a yr later... of course after that i quit trying bc i was no longer in a long commited relationship... now 4 yrs later after losing my first 2 im pregnant again by guy ive been w/ for few yrs, except this pregnancy wasn't exactly planned... im due in June, right b4 it'll b 5 yrs from time I lost my daughter.. im now 3 months pregnant and have already had 2 scared threats of a miscarriage, one when I was 6 wks along 2nd at 7 wks bc I kept having some bleeding, of course got checked out and baby was thankfully fine everytime but I still got put on bedrest for precaution... I haven't had anymore bleeding since... although through them 2 scares I stayed confident and everything's going fine now, im closely watched due to my 1st pregnancy though... so my advice to u is just try stay confident and positive minded.. hope everything goes great for u this time...

*Spoiled Mommy* Due July 23 (boy); San Antonio, Texas 23 posts
29th Nov '12

Thank you so much ladies. It does make me feel more at ease to have such positive feedback. Congratulations to those of you expecting!! Send sticky dust this way!! :D I'll be praying for healthy pregnancies for each one of you...