Anyone past there due date and fed up Sammie Abel hardman 2 kids; United Kingdom 206 posts
29th Nov '12

Heya ladies anyone past there due date I will be 42 weeks tomorrow and the hospital won't do anything I can have a membrane sweep Saturday what Are the chances of this working I've proper had enough of pregnancy now it's making me sound like a Mardy person just had enough and feel like the hospital and midwife don't care I had to go hospital today as I hadn't felt my little boy move and they said its normal when your overdue put me on a monitor and sent me home after

MichelleCampbell 2 kids; Tauranga, New Zealand 295 posts
30th Nov '12

Aw..I went to 42 weeks with my first son, it sucked I had a membrane sweep with my second ( he was due the same day as your due date) it hurt but I lost my mucus plug but I didn't go into labor from it, but my cervix was really high I got induced early because of problems with my cyst. But I'm suprised they haven't induced you yet..Good luck to you!!!!

Baby Defreeze Due November 25 (girl); Tulsa, Oklahoma 21 posts
30th Nov '12

I understand i am setting at almost 41 weeks on Monday and they are finally going to do something on mon. Did they say how long until they will do anything? Is this ur first? Are you dialated?

scgALusc 3 kids; South Carolina 1714 posts
30th Nov '12

Not so much fed up as anxious (and I have terrible anxiety). I'll be 41w on Sun so hopefully she will be ready soon. Hope your sweep works. I had a successful sweep with my second @ 39.5 days, delivered next afternoon.

Sammie Abel hardman 2 kids; United Kingdom 206 posts
30th Nov '12

Hope it does too as I've had enough and I hope you have your baby soon too :)