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Nov 29th '12
Quoting Laventure_Adventure:" Teeth tend to cut through during the evening and night hours, just because of relaxed muscles and the ... [snip!] ... because your body is at rest and has a chance to stimulate the growth( generally for younger people like kids and babies)."

thanks for all the advice ladies! I'm not to much of a fan of this certain pedi in the office (he's a man - and I feel like he doesn't get the mother's perspective of things just the medical perspective). But the rest of the women pedi's in the office are wonderful! I have a lot of thinking to do with all this info. Me and SO just talked about this whole schedule ordeal and we're going to give the early bedtime a try. We put LO down around 8:15 and he moved around and didn't look like he was tired but BAM - I just checked on him and he was out cold. We've been doing the SAME exact routine for 5 1/2 months until he started waking up in the middle of the night. So we'll see how it goes with putting him to bed early and take it from there!

Thanks again for all the advice!