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nook vs kindle fire ( or neith) for 6yr old tams820 3 kids; West Orange, New Jersey 539 posts
29th Nov '12

My six year old loves to read but unfortunately we dont have much room to store all her books. She already has an innotab but the books so far seem to young for her now . Im going to give the innotab to her brother and upgrade her to something else. Would love your thoughts if you think one is better than the other or if you think shes to young.
Thanks in advance.

JessicaMatlock:) Due May 7; 1 child; Modesto, California 1337 posts
29th Nov '12

i have the kindle fire hd. my 5 year olds loves it.. it has a camera and stuff as well.. we both read books on it

Mommy Loves Baby 2 kids; 7465 posts
29th Nov '12

Not the Nook! The only thing Leah does on it is netflix and I use it for story time at night.