IT"S A GIRL!!! :D SammyS18 1 child; Phoenix, Arizona 50 posts
29th Nov '12

We found out, FINALLY, on Tuesday that we're having a little baby girl! :D We are both VERY excited! We have decided to name her Katelynn Marie Stockton> Daddy is ready for his baby girl, just one exception. He wants a gun for Christmas. Lol. I told him he has plenty of time til that will be necessary, so I think he'll wait a few years. Lol. I also found out this really cool thing from my apartment manager. can sign up for a Daycare Scholarship that would give me free daycare til I'm 21. Any young mommies need that help, PM me and I'll give you the info. SO excited to be welcoming a baby girl in another twenty weeks. I can't believe I'm half way there already! :)

Squid Kid Unavailable, NA, United States 32257 posts
status 29th Nov '12

He'll need a gun to keep all the boys away. :lol:

Not here to please you 3 kids; Jacksonville, Florida 2214 posts
29th Nov '12

Congrats :) Everybody I know including myself are having girls next year :)

Back to Noob Status Ohio 14048 posts
29th Nov '12

I prefer Caitlin to Katelynn, but congrats!

10 days till baby comes Due January 25 (girl); 16 kids; Bolt, West Virginia 745 posts
29th Nov '12

Oh Congrats!!! Since finding out we are having a girl my SO has bought 2 extra guns for "safety"... this is our first child. I just rolled my eyes and was like I think he may have also hit a mini mid life crisis to.. but as we had the cash flow for all of the baby things I.didn't really say anything :p.. love name by the way :D

SammyS18 1 child; Phoenix, Arizona 50 posts
29th Nov '12

Thanks everyone! I hope the gun can wait a while. Not to keen on firearms. Lol. But as for the name it's spelled that way after my great Grandmother and the middle name is after my late Aunt and my bf's Mom. And I know three other girls in my family that are pregnant right now. Everyone of us is having a baby girl. Lol. Get ready 2013, cuz it's about to get full of girls and their hormones. Lol