So messed up...... *TaraT&3peas* Due March 31; 2 kids; Ohio 359 posts
29th Nov '12

So my SO is mad at me because I didnt answer my phone earlier, I told him ya know i've been cleaning and putting up the tree and putting the kids to bed and trying to get dinner done and so on so fourth...... so he said he "understood" but i could still tell he was pissy/ havin a bad night. I proceeded to tell him just what I said above, ya know like im sorry i was busy doing these things, and he said he knows ive been doing them all week..... and i said well yes I have been doing it all week.... because i let the stuff get behind and so I had extra to do during the week, I still have a lot to do that i'd like to get done before Christmas.......I let it fall behind because my dad passed away 4 weeks ago ( and my kids and I lived with my dad) so now im going through probate court and such so i can keep the house and car..... anyways my dad was my best friend and this loss has really destroyed me especially him getting diagnosed with the lung cancer just two weeks before his death, and then him refusing treatment, and then me at his bed side holding his hand for his last breath, ive never in my life thought that id have 2 kids and 1 on the way and feel like an orphan at age 23.

When I mentioned to my SO that I let stuff housework and things fall behind because I got into a really deep depression where I didnt want to move or get off of my couch he told me it was cause I was lazy.... I said NO its because I just lost my f**king dad you moron like you would really know what thats like and he snapped back and said oooh you just think you're soo special......... wtf does that mean.... how do i think im special???? i would give anything to have my father back and NOT have to feel this way!!!!! I dunno what my SO was thinking when he said that but it really made me not want to be with him anymore..... I mean im carrying his baby im 22 weeks now....and this is how im being treated, I dont care if hes having a bad night or not I find that super unacceptable and disrespectful!

Awesome now I may have 3 kids by 3 different dads..... im a real smart one.

Mom2William&Michael 2 kids; 1 angel baby; New York 7600 posts
29th Nov '12

I'm sorry. That was a really f**king awful thing of him to say, even if he was angry. I would definitely not be able to forgive that so easily.