LINE SPOTTERS!!!!!!!!! Mommy Pwnt Pwnt[ATE] 3 kids; Hawaii 10340 posts
30th Nov '12

What do you see????


Liz McArthur 2 kids; Tacoma, Washington 718 posts
30th Nov '12

I see a line!

Snippy Due March 8; 1 child; Australia 419 posts
30th Nov '12

I see a faint line!

♥Sami [better off] Due August 7; 1 child; 1 angel baby; La Vergne, TN, United States 3099 posts
30th Nov '12

I see a line mama! Congrats!

Mommy Pwnt Pwnt[ATE] 3 kids; Hawaii 10340 posts
30th Nov '12

I am really shocked. I didn't expect to get pregnant THIS soon. We planned for next month at the EARLIEST because the doctor said with Mirena out it could take a few months to regulate and

I mean we did baby dance unprotected but I didn't get a POS OPK until the day after which yeah I know you can get pregnant then but my LH came out of nowhere... sorry this is still kind of fresh

Just Andria 4 kids; Houston, Texas 915 posts
30th Nov '12


Teggles 49 kids; Bendigo, Australia 112 posts
30th Nov '12


Cakes. 1 child; Michigan 2437 posts
30th Nov '12

I see two lines! Congrats!

[Shelly&Dexter]-29weeks! Due July 3; 1 child; 1 angel baby; London, United Kingdom 3742 posts
30th Nov '12

a faint line congrats! :) x

MamaTiffy[20-weeks] Due August 2; 2 kids; Sunnyvale, CA, United States 8725 posts
30th Nov '12

Definitely positive, c ongrats

Brittany♥'sJordan 2 kids; Gulfport, MS, United States 503 posts
30th Nov '12

Clear as day! Congrats!

lynnsaymarie 17 kids; Buffalo, New York 2011 posts
30th Nov '12

that's a positive!!

starfilledmoon 2 kids; California 30 posts
30th Nov '12

Congrats! :)

Lindie (blissed out) 2 kids; Australia 12462 posts
30th Nov '12

That's a BFP!

L&J ♥ +1 Due August 29; 2 kids; New Jersey 6121 posts
status 30th Nov '12