Baby_Majick Due May 1 (twins); 4 kids; 3 angel babies; Sullivan, Missouri 4129 posts
Dec 2nd '12

She doesn't like it, it doesn't matter what everyone else does in their marriage... this is her marriage, and if she is having a problem with him going out all the time, they need to compromise. It's not anyones place to tell her she is wrong for how she feels. My husband wouldn't treat me like that, and I wouldn't stand for it if he did. Before pregnancy his time was playing video games with his friend, while his friend's wife and I went out.. Now that i'm pregnant we are pretty much glued to the hip... and well we always kind of been that way, except for when I would go out and he would play video games.

Jill Maddox Due December 20 (boy); 1 child; Dallas, Texas 16 posts
Dec 3rd '12

thank you to all the supporters out there. i appreciate it! and yes, a little compromise, communication and understanding does go a long way in a marriage/parenting partnership. We are better now. Thanks!

Lacie Heethuis-Roy Due November 23 (girl); Caledonia, Michigan 441 posts
Dec 3rd '12

ust tell him ud like him to spend 1 day a week just with u