mjt♥ Captain K'nuckles ⚓ 1 child; 1 angel baby; Elizabeth, WV, United States 4984 posts
30th Nov '12

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CRSx2Mommy 18 kids; North Carolina 3475 posts
30th Nov '12

it was for me both times.

Bri + One ♥ Due October 19; 1 child; Florida 4316 posts
30th Nov '12

My SIL had it bad within the first couple of weeks & then got really constipated afterwards. It very well could be. (:

Edit: I never had it, just straight up constipation. x.x

PokkaDotts 2 kids; Cranbrook, British Columbia 1777 posts
30th Nov '12

That was one of my first signs with this one.