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Dec 1st '12

I was up late playing playstation in my hospital room with my husband. I felt achey but I figured it was just how I was sitting, how the baby was sitting. I really wasnt too worried about it. I went over to my bed to sit down to get ready to go to sleep and I got lower back aches. I paid a little more attention and noticed they started to wrap around my back to my belly... Felt like period cramps bad. Ok.. no biggie. I started timing them. 6-7 mins apart, lasting about a minute. I had laid there for about an hour before I called my nurse and asked if the monitor could pick up back labor. She came and hooked me up and sure enough, NO CONTRACTIONS were showing, but yet, every 6 minutes, I would get crampy and be in pain.

As time went on, I got my husband up and they wanted to check me about 7am. I got wheeled over to L&D and checked. 2cm 80% effaced. Hadnt been dilated the entire time (2 Weeks) that I had been there.. Thank god. The contractions were worse by this point.. making me cry.. but eventually getting to the point where it was SO unbearable. They got my IV in, got a bag of Mag in, fluid, a steroid shot, and 4mg of morphene which did NO GOOD. It took my pain from a 10 to about an 8 for about 20 minutes and I was begging for more. I had NEVER had contractions SO painful in my life.. because it was ALL in my back... like I said, the monitors never picked it up.

About 8am, I had the RUDEST Anesthesiologist come to do my epidural. By this time I was 3cm and crying hysterically from the pain... hyperventilating.. It was AWFUL. I was begging for someone to put me out so I wouldnt hurt so bad. So about 15-20 mins of this lady THREATENING me and taking her sweet time, I got to relax some.. and get numbed SO good from the waist down. I could NOT move my legs. I had called my aunt at 10:20.. talked for a bit and told her I had to go. They were emptying my bladder via cath about 10:45am. I was full of pee :D After, the dr came over and checked me.. "Umm.. her head is RIGHT there.. shes crowning." I was super excited, in NO pain.. and after they hunted down my husband and got him in, I was ready. BARELY a push, and just breathing out with tiny pushes, she was out in like... a total of 2-3 pushes. EASIEST most pain free labor I had ever had in my life. No cutting, no tearing.... I was amazed at how easy it was.

Emily Nicole was born at 10:59am
Weighing 2 lbs 14ozs, 15 inches long
29weeks 2days gestation.

Shes the most beautiful and strong baby ever.

I went to see her last night and touched her.. shes just so amazing. Today after I shower and feel more human Im going to go over and do about an hour of Kangaroo Care with her (Skin to skin) and melt the entire time.

She had a cpap on her to push some air down her nose but she didnt really need it and a tube to her belly to make sure she doesnt get air bubbles (that she chews on) but other than that, still breathing on her own and doing amazing :) Im doing GREAT. Not a huge bloody massacre after having her.. no pain.. no swelling.. just doing so good :)


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Dec 1st '12

Aww, what a miracle! Congrats!

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Dec 1st '12
Quoting Rumpelstiltskin:" She is beautiful. "

Thank you! She has a head FULL of dark hair like her brother did... Im pretty sure shes gonna end up looking like her dang daddy too :)

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Dec 1st '12

Congrats. I'm glad she's here safely and doing well. Stay strong mama.

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Dec 1st '12

Aww congrats momma. I hope she keeps doing so well. She's beautiful.

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status Dec 1st '12

congrats! Very strong for being so early! Good job mama.

*J E S S* 4 kids; Finn Rock, OR, United States 887 posts
Dec 1st '12

You must have been due mid feb? Wow, amazing strength they have so early. Congrats!

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Dec 1st '12

Thank you ladies! She is definitely my miracle for doing SO great! Im ready for this IV to come out so I can get a shower and go see her <3

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Dec 1st '12
Quoting *J E S S*:" You must have been due mid feb? Wow, amazing strength they have so early. Congrats!"

She was due Feb 13th, 2013 :)

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Dec 1st '12


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Dec 1st '12

awweeee congrats!

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Dec 1st '12

These always make me teary. Congrats again.

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Dec 1st '12

My daughters name is Emily Nicole Lyn

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Dec 1st '12

Beautiful. I'm so happy everyone is doing well!!

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Dec 1st '12
Quoting the grace life:" Beautiful. I'm so happy everyone is doing well!! "

Thank you! I was so afraid and felt so disappointed in myself that she didnt stay in til 30+ weeks.. but shes doing amazing.. I couldnt be happier :)