my labor story (induction, meconium) heather2470 Due November 22 (girl); Madisonville, Kentucky 163 posts
1st Dec '12

I arrived at the hospital at 6am, super excited and ready.. Pitocin was started at 6:28am and I was at 2cm 75%. The Dr. came in at 7am and broke my water, which i never felt, just lots of warm water. There was a significant amount of meconium in my fluid. at the moment i was 3cm. I labored all day in extreme pain and finally gave in on the epidural at 4pm. The dr checked me before hand and I was 4cm. In the 30mins it took him to give me the epidural (i had to be stuck twice) i dilated 6cm and was fully dilated. I had to push for over 2 hrs. BEcause of the meconium NICU and RESPIRATORY had to be present, which turned out to be a Blessing because she came out not breathing. I was able to see her long enough to cut my own cord then they stole her away. It was 45 more mins before I could see her. They had to put all kinds of tubes in her throat and lungs to suction. She is much better now..
Sophie Marie born 11/23 8:44pm 7lb 6oz 21in

Harleys mommy77 Due December 19 (boy); 1 child; Ohio 226 posts
1st Dec '12

Sorry you had to go through that. That had to be very scary. I am glad she is doing much better now. Congratulations to you. :)

The Blissful Six 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Massachusetts 10260 posts
1st Dec '12

I'm so glad everything turned out okay for you!! Congrats on the new baby :)

Two Princesses 2 kids; Long Beach, CA, United States 7201 posts
1st Dec '12

Congrats. Sorry you had to go through that scare.

heather2470 Due November 22 (girl); Madisonville, Kentucky 163 posts
1st Dec '12

thanks ladies :) id say she is perfect, but of course im a little biased :)