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    • Before 30 weeks -- Votes: 2
    • 34 weeks or earlier -- Votes: 6
    • 35 weeks -- Votes: 1
    • 36 weeks -- Votes: 3
    • 37 weeks -- Votes: 19
    • 38 weeks -- Votes: 22
    • 39 weeks -- Votes: 43
    • 40 weeks or more -- Votes: 76
Chrissy Summerville Due February 17 (twins); Chicora, Pennsylvania 15 posts
1st Dec '12

She came on her due date .. so exactly 40 weeks.

Rosa Newhouse 35 kids; Warrenton, North Carolina 135 posts
1st Dec '12

35 weeks first one 2nd one 32 weeks both doing great n 3rd one trying to come now at 29 weeks but been able to stop her so far

Kayla Sovereen Due March 11 (girl); 1 child; Michigan 43 posts
1st Dec '12

2 days before my due date :-). I was induced for reasons im not about to explain people get a little to touchy when it comes to that subject an im not here to start anything.

Squid Kid Unavailable, NA, United States 32323 posts
status 1st Dec '12

37 weeks and 6 days

Mighty muffin + 2 2 kids; Cragford, Alabama 2126 posts
1st Dec '12

depends on what due date you us. 1st due sate I was given (June 21st also ended up being the day I gave birth) so 40wks or the 2nd due date June 27th making me 39wks + 1 day.

MamaOf2BlueEyedCuties Due February 24; TTC since May 2014; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Lebo, Kansas 2556 posts
1st Dec '12

38 weeks 4 days with BOTH my kids. first was an emergency csection due to her having a dangerously low heart rate. second was a repeat and well the dr just happened to schedule it for 38 weeks 4 days just like his sister lol

Tash+1 1 child; Canton, Ohio 7839 posts
1st Dec '12

She'll' be here at 39 weeks, induced.

Historymomma 2 kids; La Grange, North Carolina 403 posts
1st Dec '12

Induced 10 days past my due date.

IOnlyMakeBoys (B.B.M) 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Texas 4754 posts
1st Dec '12

34 weeks 3 days

Renee Roach Due January 5 (boy); 1 child; Orange Cove, California 2 posts
1st Dec '12

I had my daughter at 42 weeks!! It suckd i was in so much pain but it was well worth it when i had her! Now im pregnant with my 2nd bby my son an im 35 weeks waiting to see when il have him im hoping i dont go iver my due date again ;(

Squeaky McGee 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Indiana 65151 posts
2nd Dec '12

I was 39 weeks and 2 days. She came on her own, but still spent 5 days in NICU for being born with a partially collapsed lung.

2nd Dec '12

I had my first son at sixteen he was 6pds 7ozs born in 06 my 2nd son was 7pds 6 ozs i was 20 when i had my 2nd son he was born in 2010 now i,m almost 23 with my thrid son which should be here on my bday jan 17th 2013:wink::D:D:D

Moi H* 2 kids; Columbia, SC, United States 2224 posts
2nd Dec '12

At 39 weeks exactly, but the pediatrician said he was at least 2 weeks overdue.

Mrs Meezdaze Due July 26; 1 child; Alto, Georgia 17 posts
2nd Dec '12

38+6... They was going to induced me the next Tuesday, and I had him on a Saturday. 5pnds 15ounces, 20 1/2 inches. Now, 2 months after I have my #1 son, I'm pregnant again... About 5 or 6 weeks. Haven't went to an ultrasound appt. yet to see..