Lifting limit? Impending_Doom 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Colorado 1101 posts
2nd Dec '12

Ok so I've always heard that if you're pregnant you shouldn't do any heavy lifting. And it makes sense. But what I need to know is what classifies as too heavy? Mostly what I'm concerned about is lifting my 3 year old. She's small for her age (about 25 lbs) but I didn't know if that's too much or not? I try not to lift her any more than necessary, but sometimes it's unavoidable. Just need to know if I'm ok by doing this or not...

Leash25 2 kids; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1595 posts
2nd Dec '12

you should ask your doctor about this but normally it's nothing over30 pounds. thats the restrictions i was put on. your daughter should be ok to lift.

♥MamaToS&O♥ 2 kids; ., IL, United States 12278 posts
2nd Dec '12

I was still doing my job at work lifting 50 lb boxes till I was 8 months pregnant. You should be fine.

bloopbloop♥ 1 child; Illinois 14138 posts
status 2nd Dec '12

I've read that picking up children is different then picking up something heavy. A child's weight is distributed and something heavy isn't. You're fine.

Andi+Andy=Marley+1 2 kids; Fredericksburg, Virginia 4564 posts
2nd Dec '12

Holding your kid is fine as long as you aren't high risk. I pick up my 45 Lb DD all the time.

Impending_Doom 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Colorado 1101 posts
2nd Dec '12

Sounds like I should be ok then. I'll ask my midwife when we have our appointment, just to be sure. But that's not until the 10th, so I just wanted to know as soon as possible if I should be worried about it or not.

March 2013 Due November 3; 3 kids; Illinois 990 posts
2nd Dec '12

I think the doc might have a pretty good idea for you. I think they say no more then 25 to 30lbs. Some people are less some people could be more depending on the pregnancy and your history. Normally if your body is used to lifting a usually weight then you shouldn't have a problem for a while with your child. Later on maybe a different story because they say constant lifting can cause premature labor, but anything you over do at that point can cause it. They say not to at the begining, because there have been cases of causing a miscarrige.