std trichomonas??? Dontai's MUMMY! Due May 10; 33 kids; 3 angel babies; Memphis, Tennessee 437 posts
3rd Dec '12

be real have anyone had this before if so what were your symptoms and what was prescribed to clear it?

HotMom21ERF Due December 17; 1 child; Kentucky 19590 posts
3rd Dec '12

girl i go to college with had it. i think she said it either felt like a bad yeast infection or uti. cant remember

vagina. 3 kids; Titz, No, Germany 30918 posts
3rd Dec '12

One if my friends got that. Her bd gave it to her.

I know she had medicine like antibiotics or something if that sort & it went away..not sure about the symptoms though

r a b b i t ™ 1 child; Wildcat stuck in the Cards-nation, KY, United States 27518 posts
3rd Dec '12

Felt just like a yeast infection! I had to take diucan and antibiotics. I can't remember what antibiotics I was on though, sorry.

✰ Mrs. B ✰ 2 kids; Texas 2640 posts
3rd Dec '12

A friend had it before because her dude was screwing around on her. Anyway, it's a parasite, I know there is medicine for it but I don't know much else than that, sorry.

Vile Tramp 2 kids; New York 32363 posts
3rd Dec '12

I've never had it, but I did have Chlamydia and had no symptoms at all. I didn't know it till I went to my pap smear ( back in college) and they called me to tell me about it. Embarrassing.

But, with STDs/STIs some have very little to no symptoms. It's a parasite ( what you are talking about) so I'm assuming that it would be a round of antibiotics. You should get checked if you think you have ANYTHING because it can lead to scar tissue on your cervix and infect your uterus. (PID). I got PID from being untreated for to long and it was horrible. Worst pain ever and it's a serious complication.

Best of luck.

buggials 1 child; Valrico, Florida 646 posts
3rd Dec '12

I had it, I called it hell in my underpants. felt like I was on fire couldnt breathe, move do anything. Guys are carriers dont feel anything. Your doctor will likely prescribe you a few pills and some for your SO as well (mine did) pills were cheap. I can't prove where I got mine from my ex swears he wasn't cheating but prior to him I had been tested and had been a good girl...but yeah if you have it you will know you want to rip your lady parts off.