should i be worried? Tiffanii :) TTC since Aug 2014; 2 kids; Olympia, Washington 346 posts
3rd Dec '12

so im 22 weeks and 3 days, should i be worried about movement yet? The last two days i havent really felt much at all, and before that i was feeling pretty constant movement when i lay down, and i just feel like the last two days i have felt nothing... im just wondering if i should be worried about that, or is it common to not feel her move now?

furrbabiesmommy 18 kids; California 16570 posts
3rd Dec '12

I think they say not worry about movement until 28ish weeks.
But if you feel something is off then by all means go get checked out!

gina buckley Due May 13 (girl); Dublin, Ireland 182 posts
3rd Dec '12

Is she your first Hun

Tiffanii :) TTC since Aug 2014; 2 kids; Olympia, Washington 346 posts
3rd Dec '12

no shes my second, i was just worried causee i was feeling her everyday from like 20 weeks on and now not really anything..

Jennybananna 2 kids; Gilbert, AZ, United States 25079 posts
3rd Dec '12

28 weeks is when they have you do kick counts . Baby could of just rolled into a different position or something. If you are used to feeling consistent movement then try drinking something cold and sweet (like oj) lay down in a quiet room on your side and look for movement. If still nothing might be worth a call to your doctor.

Linziebobinzie 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Buffalove, NY, United States 11656 posts
status 3rd Dec '12

Same boat. I asked my mom (RN for 20+ years) she said its not a big deal til like 28 weeks. The baby also usually moves while you're sleeping cause during the day your activity rocks him/her to sleep.

Mystique Lee Due March 23 (girl); Albuquerque, New Mexico 630 posts
3rd Dec '12

I was in l&d over the weekend I'm 24 weeks they said 8 movements in 2 hours..

Shorty Hatcher Detroit, Michigan 8 posts
3rd Dec '12

I know how u feel this is my 8th baby and I am 22weeks and sometimes my baby dont move so what I do is put some music on my phone and put it so she can hear it and then she gets to moving