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    • They'll never not get a gift -- Votes: 39
    • If they're bad, they won't get gifts no matter the age -- Votes: 2
    • If they're bad and over a certain age they won't get a gift -- Votes: 8
    • Other -- Votes: 4
furrbabiesmommy 18 kids; California 16570 posts
3rd Dec '12

My friend took gifts away from her 2 teen girls on year because they were absolute devils. I think they were 12 and 13. I brought them over this HUGE gift basket FULL of cleaning supplies. lol We the adults got a good laugh and the kids were busy cleaning the house.

user banned 3 kids; Ontario 10942 posts
3rd Dec '12

Since the whole bad thing is derived from santa being real and my kids know he is not. No I would not, not give them a gift. But what I do, do. Is They get their gifts but are not allowed to open use wear or play with them for 1 month after christmas.

They will sit on the shlef in their room not opened too stare at them for a whole month after Christmas.
Only had to do it once. lol

But to take away the whole Christmas expierence to me is just plain mean, and not something that is right for me and my family. Sure some suffering by looking at what you cant have at the moment is better then taking it all away at once. kwim?

♥ boop 17 kids; Montana 20753 posts
3rd Dec '12

A friends brother didn't get anything one year because of bad behavior. I won't go into detail, but hes lucky he wasn't murdered.