Different Contractions Reise's Mommy 2 kids; Kentucky 1733 posts
3rd Dec '12

So, I had some extremely painful BH with my first pregnancy. Million times worse than my labor contractions. They were just more intense. With this pregnancy my BH started again around 20 weeks, but they were very mild ones. Much more like the contractions I had during labor. Well, all day today I've been having them but they've been different than normal. They're in my back as well the front, but the weird part is I can actually feel them in my cervix. Normally they just make my stomach feel tight and my back a little achy at their worst, but today they actually made me feel like my cervix was being pried open. I've never had any contractions, including during labor that felt like that. Do they feel like that for anyone else? I had 5 or 6 of them in an hour then they quit for a while, then I had 2 or 3 more in the last hour. I've been debating going down to L&D but don't want to leave work if it's nothing. I'm 29 weeks.

Veronica m6 Due February 25 (boy); Fort Richardson, Alaska 1514 posts
3rd Dec '12

go get checked...I would if i was you.

NerfHerder 2 kids; Denver, CO, United States 6236 posts
status 3rd Dec '12

Yeah, might be pre labor.

Reise's Mommy 2 kids; Kentucky 1733 posts
3rd Dec '12

I haven't had any in a little while, but if they start again I'm going to head to L&D. Thanks, guys.