26 weeks shortness of breath ShadyAmy Due March 9; 1 child; Vernon, British Columbia 110 posts
3rd Dec '12

Hey ladies i'm 26 weeks with my second baby ( this one is a boy ! ) Ive been really short of breath lately, Have you experienced this around 26 weeks? I didn't have this with my daughter.
Also how are you passing the time till your little ones are born!? I can't wait for him to be here.. im so exhausted being pregnant with a toddler and all the other responsibilities we have as parents during the holidays and such.

Leslie_marie Due January 9; 1 child; Southport, North Carolina 61 posts
3rd Dec '12

I had the same thing with my son. And it started about 26 weeks as well. I swear my chest was pregnant instead of my belly. he stayed so high up, i spent the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy sleeping upright. I'm 34 weeks now with my daughter and have only gotten SOB a few times. She stays low, which is killing my hips and pelvis. But yeah, you may just have a high sitting baby. Every pregnancy is different. As for staying busy I can't really tell you much there. My first pregnancy i worked full time all the way through. So i stayed busy. This one has me on bedrest and i feel like im going to lose my mind trying to keep up with a toddler as well. so im also looking for some busy ideas!

Brooke Bush 33 kids; Wyoming, Michigan 40 posts
3rd Dec '12

Definitely have the same problem, only mine started at like 23 weeks, I'm 28 weeks now. The doctor says it's just because my little boy is staying up high. As for staying busy, I work full time.

Erica Yutzy 1 child; Red Lake, Ontario 344 posts
3rd Dec '12

Haha, welcome to pregnancy!