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4th Dec '12
Quoting Viv, Ev & Gwen ♥:" <blockquote><b>Quoting Chroma Hex [+1]:</b>" I don't think they'll help. If a guy ... [snip!] ... intended to change already grown men. It's for boys. Start teaching them young before rape justification is firmly entrenched."

That's true. I guess I was biased because the men in the picture look, well, like men. I think education about what rape is and what healthy sexual relations are should be taught in school as a part of comprehensive sex ed. The worst part isn't that the pursuers don't know that it's rape, what's sad is that the VICTIMS don't know what rights they have to their own bodies. =[

Also, I was just on Tumblr, and looky what I found! The original pics and more from the campaign. Just thought I'd share.

Here's the link to the photoset if any of you Tumblr ladies want to reblog it.

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Quoting Bettinas:" They've got a bit of that "shock factor" but people seem to need that. I also like that they were bold enough to use two men in that last one!"

Me too... thats AWESOME!

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status 5th Dec '12
Quoting Lovelyyy KD*:" :!: the drunk one is my favorite. I've been in that position myself and I know it happens far more often than most people think."

This. I was raped by my ex fiances roomie, and I was wasted. I confronted him too about it.