Robert Downey Jr. Zanzibar, Tanzania 16079 posts
4th Dec '12
Quoting Hairspray:" This Momma doesn't play around when it comes to her kids. I'm assuming there has been more problems?"

Yeah. He talks to me like I'm some sort of p***e o* s**t. And my safety is his last concern.

EX: This weekend, while I was at drill (Sunday, actually) my tire got a hole in it on the way from my hotel to my unit. So we stopped, changed it, put the donut on, etc. He tried to force me to drive the 400 miles home on a f**king donut that wouldn't keep air and had no tread left! Yet last year he spend half of my tax return on new tires that he didn't need on a truck that he hardly ever transports anyone else in. My car needs brakes and rotors all the way around, two more tires (because they are dry rotted all to hell), a new battery, and a few other small maintenance things. Nope. I am not allowed to replace these things until they literally go out on me. Which the battery, whatever. It's only testing 360 CCA out of 600, I'll run it till it dies, but I would like to keep a battery in my trunk until that happens so I'm not stuck somewhere without a battery! But this is the second tire in less than two months to blow on me!