Stacey Pilgrim Due June 29; 98 kids; United Kingdom 19 posts
18th Dec '12

Hi I am 29 due july 3rd with baby number 3 (5 prev m/cs). I have 2 boys Logan 3 and Roman 2 x

Adecker Due July 9; 1 child; Illinois 6 posts
18th Dec '12

I'm due July 10 with my second bundle of joy! :)

Ariel ❤ 2 angel babies; Over the Rainbow, NY, United States 1303 posts
18th Dec '12

Im due July 29th with baby number 4!!!

AleshasMummy 33 kids; Leeds, United Kingdom 2 posts
19th Dec '12

Im due July 9th :)

Sarah Welker Due July 16; Clearfield, Pennsylvania 1 posts
20th Dec '12

due july 17 2013. this will be my first excited!!! got to hear the heartbeat yesterday...was amazing!

raceprincess5_3 Due February 6; 49 kids; North Carolina 27 posts
20th Dec '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting AleshasMummy:</b>" Im due July 9th :)"</blockquote>

Due date buddies :)

Romanbaby Due July 20; St. Louis, Missouri 1 posts
21st Dec '12

I'm due July 21st. First time mommy!!

littlebriarrose Due August 16; 1 child; 1 angel baby; Mississippi 3 posts
24th Dec '12

july 1 with my first.

Brianna Hall Due June 30 (boy); 3 kids; Wisconsin 52 posts
30th Dec '12

25 and am due to have my 4th baby July 6th :) I have 2 boys and a girl. Ages 8,6 and almost 5yrs :) Hoping but yet not(afraid to jinx for another girl to even things out.

Toni1 Due July 7; Rhode Island 7 posts
3rd Jan '13

I am due July 8th with my 1st baby :D

Helen Middlemass Due July 5 (boy); 1 child; Japan 1 posts
6th Jan '13

I'm due 7th July with 2nd :)

Angel Jeter Due July 12 (girl); 17 kids; Benton, Illinois 40 posts
6th Jan '13

Im due July 13th with my 2nd child. This is my 3rd pregnancy had a miscarriage like a week before I got pregnant again. Im so worried about this one but already hear the heartbeat several times but always worried between doctors appointments. Ive wanted another child for awhile (my daughter just turned 11).

Bebe Long Due July 13; 2 kids; Rochester, United Kingdom 1 posts
6th Jan '13

I'm on my second pregnancy but this will be my 3rd child, that sounds I'm a mummy of identical twin girls aged 5 and my new baby (just the one this time) is due on the 14th july 2013 x*x

Averii C. Due July 6; California 3 posts
6th Jan '13

First time mom due July 7th! (:

sexylumbee Due July 22; South Carolina 1 posts
7th Jan '13

i'm due july 23. hard to believe already 12 weeks. just found out in december lol.